‘What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul.’ Joseph Addison

Learning is a big part of life and it can be fun as well as empowering. I try to use the art forms I love to teach people and inspire them to develop themselves. I have travelled all over the world to learn about the art forms I love. Passing on these skills so they grow in new ways is important to me. My hope is that I am the type of teacher that gives you something to take home besides homework.

We have created music and visual arts workshops that have been delivered in a range of settings and delivered in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Burnley, Nottingham, Liverpool and many other places in the UK.

  • Corporate Workshops
  • One to One
  • Schools
  • Referral Units
  • Prisons
  • Music Academies

All of our music and visual arts workshops can be used as a fun way to teach soft skills and team build within your company, school or organisation.

  • Team Building
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Public Speaking


‘Rap is something you do Hiphop is something you live.’ KRS – One

  • Modern music history/orgins and styles
  • Mixing techniques
  • Basic to advanced turntablism
  • Creating a mix and record to CD
  • Performing Live

Moyma covers all aspects of djing, mixing, turntablism, and new forms of technology for djing. Abelton Live and digital djing. All the sessions we offer are interactive and will include a demo of dj skills which can be also be done in an assembly setting with bigger groups as well as smaller workshops.

Outreach Officer for Sound it Out ‘Moyma is able to deliver Dj sessions for different levels within a group, he is very clear with his method of teaching and has a great knowledge of his subject. Speaking to the youth after the sessions, they have had nothing but positive comments and enthusiasm about the sessions.’


‘Every good painter paints what he is.’ Jackson Pollock

  • Illustration styles
  • Urban calligraphy and typography
  • Computer Art
  • Create some visual art to take away

Moyma is a trained graphic designer with a degree in Graphic Design who now focuses on graphic art heavily influenced by Graffiti and Street Art. Everyone has the potential to be creative but it is usually their own boundaries they put on themselves that stops them moving forward. Moyma will bring his graphic art portfolio to a session and can give career advice to participants who wish to pursue a career in the arts.

Project Coordinator The Trunk ‘Overall the staff and the young people really enjoyed the sessions and were impressed by the work that was carried out and we will definitely be in touch for further workshops in the future.’


‘Music is the soundtrack of your life .’ Dick Clark

Working alongside some great MCs I have seen and heard some very interesting pieces of music from the young people I have worked with. They are heavily influenced by a small part of a very big picture. We try to broaden their minds and their expression.

  • Music theory
  • Music technology with industry standard equipment
  • Create and record a song to take away with you

Music teacher, Churchill Community Foundation School & Sixth Form College ‘The workshop was exceptional and was delivered to a high standard. Moyma had an excellent rapport with the students and was approachable and friendly. The students were thoroughly inspired by Moyma’s vast knowledge of urban music and art. Moyma was a delight to work with. He was professional, organised and I would have no hesitation in working with him again.’

All artists delivering workshops for MOYMA are CRB checked and any equipment that is used for sessions is covered by public liability.




  • Sound it Out
  • Access to Music
  • Creative Junction
  • Birmingham City Council
  • P.E.T.
  • Punch Records
  • Galaxy Radio
  • Switch FM
  • Music Leader
  • Sound Futures
  • Birmingham Museum of Art
  • Arts Award
  • Dj Academy
  • Live Music Now
  • West Midlands Police
  • BBC
  • Birmingham Conservatoire
  • Arts & Business
  • Epic Community
  • Arts Council
  • Land Rover
  • Selfrigdes


Director of Punch Records ‘Moyma worked for Punch for 5 years as an artist developing music based education. He is punctual and thoughtful in his approach and was committed to all the projects he was part of. He delivers quality work and his standard of work is exceptional.’

Head Music Mentor for Access to Music‘All of the students truly appreciated the great workshop that Moyma delivered. He was friendly and open with my students and his attention to detail and willingness to listen to them was fantastic. I am using some of Moyma’s recommended reading as part of their lessons and I will be booking Moyma again for next years students.’

Targeted Youth Support, Glastonbury ‘Throughout the project Moyma engaged and communicated well with the young people. He took time to listen and empathise with them, whilst remaining professional and maintaining firm and fair boundaries. Moyma recognised the troubles that these young people face on a daily basis and offered a forum for which they could express these troubles; through music. The young people had a lot of respect for Moyma and his colleague because respect was given to the young people; this is rare for them as they are surrounded by stigma that brands them as ‘thugs’ or ‘hooligans’. Moyma is highly skilled in his field and is clearly very passionate about the work that he does, and this was apparent throughout the project.’

Manager Switch FM ‘Moyma delivered the work to a very professional standard, developing an excellent rapport with the participants whilst also maintaining authority. His very personable style, combined with an unrivaled knowledge of his specialism, created the environment for the youngsters to flourish and achieve the Bronze Arts Award. From an organisational viewpoint Moyma was a delight to work with. I would have no hesitation in working with him in the future and recommend him to any organisation that works with children and young people.’

Head of Music, Oak Lodge School ‘We have now worked with Moyma twice. On both occasions we have been impressed with the way in which Moyma has planned an interesting and informative session which has met the needs of our pupils at an accessible and inclusive level. Moyma has a knack of making the students feel part of the group sessions and can also personalise the individual ‘hands on’ experience with considerable ease. He has the ability to think on his feet and can deliver when the unexpected arises.’

Head of Music, St Anthony’s School (SEN) ‘The programme was suitable for all ages, and Moyma was excellent in the way he communicated with the pupils. He came across as very confident and engaged the pupils with the music. Selected pupils were also able to respond by copying different rhythmic patterns demonstrated to them. A huge thank you for coming to our school!’

CTL Arts, HMP & YOI ‘Moyma delivered a series of six workshops to 20 young offenders at HMP and YOI Ashfield. The workshops used DJ, MC and digital music production to engage learners, culminating in the production of a CD with their artwork of the recorded tracks. Moyma had a wealth of relevant skills to offer and engage our learners and was able to inspire and encourage participation from young people who can often be reluctant to engage. Having professional artists who are good at what they do was a good inspiration and positive role model for our learners. Students enjoyed the workshops and they enjoyed working with professional artists who could engage them through a media which they could relate to.’

Senior Learning Mentor Over the ten week period, I witnessed a great development in their social skills, self-confidence and their ability to communicate with each other and an external visitor. They were a very closed group, but really opened up to Moyma, and engaged with the work he set. Through the art work, and the music performance, they started to grow in confidence and became more willing to take risks. As their tutor I could see them becoming more mature, and thinking about their actions more. Moyma was a great example to my students and has helped them realise their aspirations, and their desire to complete tasks, even small ones. I can say with confidence that it was well worth the investment. Moyma has enriched the Princes Trust Programme and I would certainly make his work a regular feature in my curriculum.’