Touring & Training

Impulse Dj conference – China Beijing
The Impulse project was an incredible experience. It was a gathering designed to provide a platform for young innovative DJs from Asia and Europe to meet, share skills and showcase their skills in Clubs all over Beijing. Along with all of that Dj Wordy (china) showed us the best food spots.

Scratch Pilgrimage – Los Angeles
When I saw Qbert and Mixmaster devour the competition in 1993/94 DMC I was determined to learn how to scratch.
I was blessed with two trips to the West Coast learn form the one and only Beat Junkie  – The Wax Fondler aka Dave Caustio aka Dj Dstyles. I don’t need to introduce this guy as his skills have spoken for him. When it comes to cutting, Dstyles is the emperor of funk.
He taught me a lot of cool stuff when it comes to scratching as well as being an artist. The guy is a massive inspiration and also enjoys one of my other favourite pass times…EATING!! I still cant scratch as well as him but I bet I can out eat him.

Juice Aleem (Big Dada) – Jerusalaam come Tour
Musically, too, he asserts his individuality, with an electro-dub style that blends sparse clap-beats and organ-based reggae grooves with the tubular synth-squelches of dubstep, a sound at once ancient as prophecy and bang up to date. – The Independent
he New Flesh main-bro and sometime Coldcut collaborator is already entering middle-age by this solo debut, and when ‘Jerusalaam…’ comes, it serves up neat rhymes stuffed with spry wit – NME
Swatting wannabe MCs like flies, and conclude he’s exactly where he wants to be, on his own plane, putting UK hip-hop clichés to the sword. – BBC
Ask Juice Aleem a question and you will get the answer plus a encyclopaedia of other info that relates to your question, he truly is an Aleem. We have been touring his debut album Jerusalaam Come all over Europe and the UK.

SEGRO Young Artist 2010
Three years ago SEGRO launched a programme of partnerships with creative Junction to inspire young people, develop talent and celebrate Art. The annual end-of-programme exhibition at the RSA London is the culmination of a six month programme of activity and celebrates the work and the schools that have taken part. World of Work has been the consistent theme over the years and has provided the project with some very interesting pieces. All work displayed was available for purchase with proceeds invested back into that school’s art department.

Put Your Foot Down with Salah
Celebrating the last day of IDFB 2010 and bringing the iconic Bullring to life with a hip hop groove, enjoy this afternoon of free performances and dance
demos, plus watch hundreds of people take part in a mass synchronised hip hop/street dance routine. With the help of acclaimed French hip-hop artist Salah created a new routine to teach people in advance of the 15 May event.