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June 2, 2014

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The Blackbook Sessions – Funk & Flow

I don’t really have a clue how you teach funk or flow but both of these things are what I am looking for when I create and it isn’t exclusive to Graf. Good flow and funk is really important in Breaking, Scratching and MCing. What I can say is that it’s all subjective as some people can see/hear it and some…some just can’t.

Can You Hear It?

I was out a few months ago and one of my friends was Djing at a bar so I dragged my people there. My friend started playing some Danchall and one of the guys I was with started riffing.

He knew I was a Dj and his opening line to introduce the fact he didn’t like the music was… ‘Do you play this shit?’ He was clearly stating he didn’t like the music. Ok fair nuff but he was also wanting to put me in the music dock in judgment of whether or not I liked it too.

I aint into this type of behaviour so truss, my friend could have be playing the winner from last years Eurovision song contest and I would have said that I loved it.

I said to the guy ‘no I don’t play it but I like it…why don’t you like it?’ He said …’errr I dunno, it just doesn’t have a beat.’ I said…’it does have a beat…but you can’t hear it.’

We all have our opinions but often our views can be based on things we don’t understand. The issue wasn’t with the music it was more the fact he wasn’t familiar with it. He couldn’t catch the riddim son! That ish is swung hard and you have to ‘hear it’ before you can like it. If you struggle to dance to a straight (straight meaning it isn’t swung at all) 4×4 beat you will not deal with Dancehall.

We all have our bias and that is why art is interesting to me. What I like and feel isn’t what you are necessarily gona like which is how it should be.

Feel what you Draw

When I draw letters I practice drawing and editing what I think feels right. I look to see what feels right and it’s the parts that disjoint my internal compass that are the bits I change or work on. It’s completely on a subconscious level which is why I find it hard to describe clearly.

The beauty is…what I think feels right may not be what you like. Some people may like a certain flow and others may not. Having the funk is another one. Ha. Ok how do we approach this one.

Some people are great dancers..they are technically great but in my opinion…they just don’t have the funk or flow. It is really down to what you like and I like the funk and I guess this can vary from person to person. The Funk is a timing thing, it’s the space between notes, it can be what you don’t play or draw and the space between the lines in letters…can you swing it?

These people have the FUNK.

Clinton has the funk,

D-Styles has the funk and a dope flow,

James Brown had the funk,

Elzhi has the funk and a smooth flow,

Doze has the funk!

Bjork doesn’t have ‘the funk’ but I love her stuff, she doesn’t dilute who she is and that is my last and main point.


Graf is about creating your own rhythm and movement through the lines interactions. You may not like my flow but it is just about being yourself and being in touch with your own flow and funk. That is what I practice these days.


May 28, 2014

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The Blackbook Sessions – Hand Control

I usually use a black outline for letters but on this one I decided to try using another colour. I still have mixed feeling about this piece but I love the interaction between the inside joining lines of the letters…

…as those lines came out clean baby! UH!

Hand Control

Good hand control gives you great lines in your piece and is a big part developing good flow. My hand control is not bad, it is something I am still working on. Every piece I am putting up on here has presented its own challenges, as drawing certain lines has felt like lining up a shot in pool game, and you only get better by practicing.

Hand control is also very important in Scratching too. D-Styles is one of my favourites when it comes to his flow and hand control.

In the time I spent training with D-Styles, he used to emphasis the importance of having good control with your record hand. He regularly reminded me that when you scratch, the voice and tone comes from the record hand. D-Styles has serious hand control skills; it is so good, he can make sounds sing. Click the image below to find out more about him and hear him cut.

Bom5 was another guy to talked a lot about hand control and it is something you have to practice and practice. Nice lines with good hand control always feel like a huge achievement for me.

Drawing Pudsey

I have done a lot of workshops with young people; teaching them basic Graffiti and Illustration. At one session where I was designing T-Shirts with a group of youngs, the lady who booked me asked me to do a design for her. I obviously couldn’t deny my client so I said ‘yeh! of course!’ She told me that they had a charity event coming up and wanted me to do a picture of Pudsey the Bear on a T-Shirt.

She showed me the charities mascot and inside I thought to myself…’oh boy.’

It looks crazy simple and it would be a >>piece – of – piss<< on paper if you are sketching it first…but this was straight to a T-Shirt using fabric markers. When I do Graf letters I can just freestyle stuff and if I make a mistake I can improvise around it. With this, there was no room for error, you can’t sketch it at all, you have to go in and draw the lines in one go, it has to look like a symmetrical bear, the ink bleeds on fabric and you have to position it correctly on the T-Shirt. The technical term for all this is…A NIGHTMARE!!!

So I threw down. I felt like the outcome of this T-Shirt was going to potentially invalidate/validate to her and the group what I could do. I don’t think I have concentrated so hard in any session like that but I pulled it off. I was shocked I did it and the lady was stoked with her Pudsey T-Shirt.

I have no pictures of my the finished outcome as I have never taken any pics of any of my work in these scenarios.

Be Around Good People

I realise drawing a Pudsey on a T-Shirt is not the biggest achievement but when I went to NYC I had forgotten all the Graf stuff I had done and that I was actually better than I thought I was. It was the time I spent with certain people in NYC that helped me appreciate my own skills and their encouragement to me got me excited about Graf again.

I don’t claim to be a prolific Graffiti Artist as my spray can portfolio is laughable in its quantity but I learnt something from my trip to NYC. Firstly, I am way better at this Graf ish than I give myself credit. The other thing…>>>being around people who are positive and encouraging will help you grow. You don’t need to go to NYC to experience that but wherever you are and whatever you are doing with your life, you should seek these people out.

Being around draining negative people will not help you and I advise you to keep clear of their draining touch.

These types of people will do their best to stop you realising your true potential.

On a side note…if their are any girls who look like Rogue and would like to lay hands on me…I will make an exception.


May 21, 2014

By moyma


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The Blackbook Sessions – Bleed with Me

Sooo some more graf biznizz.

I have been hitting my black-book this year and it has helped me see how much I have missed doing stuff on paper, I forgot how much fun it is. I will keep giving props to my boy in NYC – Bom5 who took me straight back to my youth and reminded me how much fun you can have with some paper and a few colours. Please click to find out more about him.

My Materials Suck

All the stuff I will be posting has no fill-ins as the book I bought has cheap paper in it…

…and so the pens I use bleed when you draw lines next to each other…but I love that. Not all my materials suck though…my pens are sexy!!! I will post about them at some point.

This restriction actually helps your creativity as having less options means you focus on being innnovative with what you have at your disposal.

In my piece, I filled in the cloud by writing my name a million times. The tags make a texture and it was a cool way to practice my letter styles. I’m not trying to fill every space with colour as the white space is part of the design.

The Art is in the Struggle

There is always some level of struggle in any art that is created. Even though it’s a struggle it is still fun to create and during the process it can be the furthest thing from fun but when you push hard, the pay off in satisfaction is huge. You can see that in the story of Hiphop; a culture born out of struggle. Please click to read that story.

So I will keep this post simple and highlight two thing that may or may not be helpful to you. Don’t focus on what you don’t have…use what you have and if you are pushing hard it will be a struggle but your end result will be worth the effort.

‘The hospital room spotless and sterile, but birth itself will always take place amid chaos, pain and blood’.’ – Steven Pressfield

May 12, 2014

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The Blackbook Sessions – The Art of Misteaks

On a recent trip to NYC I met a guy who got me back into Graffiti. You can meet him >>>>here<<<< His name is Bom5, my bredrin in Hiphop. He not only got me excited about Graf but also the process of drawing and creating on paper. The dope thing about Bom was that when he threw down, it was straight to paper with no pencil outline first. Noice.

Ok, so my point was I will be posting some ish that I having been doing in my blackbook (that I bought from Poundland) and I will be writing something to go with it. I can’t promise it will be profound or helpful but lets see whass wha…innit bludclaaart.

This piece was done with an adaptation of an alphabet that I have given to some of the young people that I have taught in the past. It’s not my alphabet but they are simple letters to follow, so I figured I would try something with it.

I didn’t really plan any of it the piece…I just let it happen. I actually made a massive mistake on the background but I just rolled with it and out this came.

I did pencil the basic letters but I just threw the rest down with ink and I didn’t use any straight line guidance apparatus (a ruler) for any of it. No sh*t, I was quite surprised how straight a line I can draw. Yeh I know…great huh? That’s about as interesting as I get.

I apologise for using quotes, as the net and blogs in particular are cluttered with this dross but some of these can be helpful.

Yes it is another cheesball quote but it is so true. Some of my best stuff has come about by just turning up and experimenting enough for something new to happen. Don’t get me wrong you need to have the eye to see what to keep and you also need skills to make it ‘look good’ but you have to let go and just see what happens. So get some paper and pens out and give it a try…

Podcast Update

I know I have promised you podcasts and they are coming. I am just waiting on some stuff/people, I ain’t forgotten you.


April 8, 2014

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The Boogie Down Bronx

I stayed in the Bronx during my time in NYC and while I was there I Djayed at a Zulu Nation event which was in the Bronx. I have to bigup Chief69 and Charlie Hustle for letting me throw down, I had a lot of fun. Here is a picture of me looking overwhelmed with joy after Djing in the Bronx.

My Set

I opened my set with a vocal intro I had put together the night before, which gave props to The Universal Zulu Nation on their 40th anniversary. My set was made up of Funk, Electro and some Boom Bap goodness. The logistics of the gig were not cool…at all. There is never a perfect setup when you play live and you just have to roll with what you have. The only headphones I had with me are wak for Djing and the monitoring was a not great but I am told a bad workman blames his tools…fair nuff…but due to these issues I pinged my first mix…

…but it’s live ish and the main thing is to keep the flow and the journey rolling.

The Highlight

During the set Johnny Juice from Public Enemy turned up and was initially spectating but Moyma got him dancing which was cool as he told me he told me he doesn’t usually dance. He also came up to me while I was playing and jokingly said to me that I wasn’t allowed to play music he produced. I didn’t know he was going to be there but some P.E. had to be played either way.

Anyway he got loose and the guy can dance. If you don’t know who Johnny Juice is, click the picture below.

This was a really cool gig for me as I had a chance to spin in the birthplace of Hiphop. I think it is important to respect the architects and their history. The Bronx is at the root of this culture but why is the Bronx important??? I hear some of you ask…

Buckle up for a very brief balloon trip through some important events that led to the birth of Hiphop and from that, you will see why The Bronx is a very important place.

Where is the Bronx?

The Bronx is the northern borough of NYC. For those of you in the UK, when I say ‘northern’ I just mean it is in the north. It doesn’t mean they also deep fry chocolates and wear T-Shirts in the winter, when they go out drinking at the weekend. The fact it is in the north of NYC has no bearing in regards to Hiphop culture but it is worth knowing. Yeh I hate geography too.

The Bronx in the 70s

At this time no one cared about the Bronx. NYC in the 70’s was going through bankruptcy and apparently things were so bad in the Bronx, some of the landlords were burning down their own buildings for the insurance money. The South Bronx was the hot spot to avoid. It became an abandoned place, a place of devastation.

Gangs of New York

Walking around The Bronx at that time must have been a nightmare and from the countless people I spoke to who grew up at that time, you could get jumped at any time for just being in the wrong place. Here is a list of some of the gangs who were active at this time – The Imperial Bachelors, The Golden Guineas, The Dragons, The Latin Kings, The Ministers, The Spades, The Renegades, The Savage Skulls, The Baby Skulls, The Black Pearls, The Turbans, Young Sinners, Royal Javelins, Dutchmen, Magnificent Seven, Dirty Dozens, Liberated Panthers, Ghetto Brothers.

These gangs had members as young as 8 years old who all had to go through some sort of initiation ceremony, sometimes it was ‘Russian Roulette’ .

The Breaking Point

The violence was destroying the community and so…

…a city wide peace meeting was held in 1973 at The Boy’s Club on Hoe Avenue to try and stop the violence that was prevalent. Many street organisations, city officials, police and gangs reps were present. It was hard times and The Bronx was being ignored and left to its own destruction, peace was needed and wanted.

The Birth of A Culture

An ex gang member by the name of Afrika Bambaataa…

….started to organise events in the community.

Some gang members thought it was a setup and were worried they would get ambushed if they went, but others were intrigued. At these events…people were dancing and playing music and Afrika Bambaataa who is the founder of The Universal Zulu Nation would get on the mic and urge them to stop the violence. These parties were the start of a huge change and Hiphop was born!

Hiphop dented the gang culture by giving the youth a new focus and a way to unite and empower themselves through Breaking…



and MCing.

These jams were held in parks and school yards where anyone could go. It became a safe place where people of all ages could come together.

The youth found a new voice and the energy they had spent on fighting was being funneled into developing the elements of Hiphop culture. Everything they did to develop these styles they did in their own way with their own swagga. In this clip Kool Herc explains how he developed his style of repeating the section of the record that the dancers were whiling out to.

The battling went from violence, to battling with skills within the dance and Djing. The dance styles were heavy influenced by how they fought but now instead of fighting they would battle with the violence of their movement. Ruh!

My knowledge is still growing on all of this but that is a very basic breakdown of how Hiphop was born. You can explore off the back of the names and events I have mentioned, if you are interested in finding out more.

I had a great time in the Bronx as it felt like home away from home and to be honest I get more trouble where I live now than I ever got in the Bronx. I miss the Bronx and I miss the 6 train.

Massive shout to the people who looked after me in the Bronx and the people who gave me the breakdown on its history and how things were back when Hiphop started. Respect to Bom5, Chief69, Dollar, Dutch, Miguel, The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew and The Universal Zulu Nation.

“Study the past if you would like to define the future.” – Confucius.

March 24, 2014

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For those who read this blog…

If you have just started reading this blog, welcome!

I have been penning this blog for about 6 years. It started on Myspace and I don’t have a clue why I started it, maybe Tom made me do it.

I would rather be sleeping

I don’t claim to be a journalist, a professional writer or even good with words. I would regularly sleep in English lessons at school – I used to get the girl who sat next to me to sit in a position so that the teacher couldn’t see my face, I would then open my book so it looked like I was busy and then….ahhhHHHH time faa some ZZZzzzzzzzzz.

When I did make the effort to lift a pen and write something I would always, always get ‘SEE ME’ written at the bottom of my prose. The ‘SEE ME’ meant ‘I am not impressed with this lack of effort.’ Saaaa I would go see wassup and the teacher would nag me about all the issues she had with my work and I would look at her in a detached way, preoccupied with leaving the English room and casuing trouble somewhere on the school premises.

I hate blogging

I have been on the verge of sacking the whole blog thing off a few times as I don’t have a clue who reads this and I would rather do something else with my time but a few things happened recently that changed that. Someone who deals with the logistics of this site told me someone is reading my blog. So firstly thankyou if you have the endurance to read a whole blog from me, it really does mean a lot as the rivers of distracting ‘content’ flow readily towards everyone who is on the web….the web is the right word huh. Also, time is short so again thankyou.

A little encouragement can go a  long way

I met someone recently who initially knew nothing about the work I do and they eventually found out and found my site…and they went through it with a fine tooth comb – all my artwork, mixes, blogs, the lot. They loved my work and they told me when they need inspiration they read my blog. This is totally strange behaviour for me as my artistic journey as been heavily peppered with jealously, competition, discouraging people who want to hold me back and want me to fail. The worst part of it is…the people who have projected this at me have been friends, people I have been either on the road with, was kicking it with or could potentially collaborate with because of our common artistic interests. Crazy huh?? Apparently being focused and pursuing your passion is not a good look so it was nice to hear and meet someone who was not on that tip. So to you…and you know exactly who you are…THANKYOU! I have put a lot of effort in everything that is on this site and it is here for peeps to enjoy. So if you have enjoyed…peace!

As we are doing shouts I should show some love to the other people who have helped me…

For the people who I have met along the way who have been nothing but negative, unnecessarily competitive, discouraging, shietsy and still want me to fail. To you guys and girls I say a bigger thankyou. You have made me work even harder and focus more than I ever could without you. I am in deep gratitude to you for your ego filled self centered bullshit….FUCK YOU very much.

I have a small one

The thing is…I have a really small one…err I mean it’s not very big, baaa it’s not huge…

…I dont have a big…di…di…di DIGITAL following and I am cool with that.

I really dont care if my ‘following’ grows. From a ‘business’ point of view you should care but I am having so much fun right now doing what I love, having people ‘like’ my shit is really no biggie. Relax this is no holier than thou rhetoric as I have been guilty of wasting nuff time wondering why I wasn’t getting more likes but actually I don’t care now. My goal is to produce amazing work if I achieve that in my lifetime…trust me, I will die a very happy man.

Why I write this blog

I realised one of the reasons I write this blog…to get rid of people. Sounds counter productive no? I want the people who are really bothered to check my stuff…and most people don’t like reading…

…soooo writing is a great way of getting rid of them. So I urge you…please, please don’t share my stuff or tell anyone about me. I am more than happy with obscurity. I have realised I am in love with what I do and first and foremost I do it for me. I am my own biggest critic and as long as I enjoy what I am doing I will keep doing it…when the fun goes…I’m out. So…come closer…please do me a favour…

TELL NO ONE! It’s our little secret.

The Moyma Blog

So what is my blog about?…ermmm….whatever I feel inspired by. It is mostly based around arts and culture which is great way of not really giving you a clear idea what this blog is about. Ok let me try again…errr Arts, Music, Travel and Food. I have a thing for taking pictures of food on a plate…

or food hanging out of my mouth.

I have also made a point of profiling other artists on this site with interviews and articles and I will continue to do this. So please do check in and have a lil mooch around the blog section.

I have new a mix done and ready to put out so that will be coming in the next few weeks and I will be blogging bout stuff.

It is has been a crazy year for me so far with some cool projects on the cook but it is also killing me and time is something I have very little of. I plan on collapsing in a heap when this year is dun…and yeh I am spelling ‘done’ dun. Aiight! Dun.


February 24, 2014

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Johnny Juice – The most well known Dj, nobody knows

The first time I met Johnny Juice he told me he was the most well known DJ nobody knew…

The Information Age?

While I was in NYC there was an DJ event in Brooklyn and while standing in the queue I got chatting to some guys who were telling me about Hiphop ‘back in the day.’ They also told me the Djs they were looking forward to hear at the gig…

Jazzy Jay,

Cash Money,

and Grand Wizard Theodore.

I told them I was looking forward to Johnny Juice…

They were like who???

I said…Johnny Juice…

Them: Johnny who?

Me: Errr Johnny Juice. He is the man…

Me: …he is also a nice guy.

Me: ..and he is dope on the turns.

Them: Johnny Jews>?

Me: No…Johnny JUICE!! Have you heard of Public Enemy?

I went on to explain to them who he was and what he had done in Public Enemy. They were shocked to hear that Terminator X didn’t do any of the scratches on Public Enemy albums. After hearing this they told me they needed a minute to absorb what I had said.

Johnny Juice smashed it when he played at that event and I was glad to hear the host introduce him with all his commonly unknown accolades.

Strong Island

Johnny was kind enough to let us come chill with him at his place and he really looked after us.

He played us some music he was working on,

we had a cutting session,

he told stories from back in the day,

he cooked some good food for us,

and he also gave us an interview.

So grab a tea or whatever beverage you enjoy and get the science from Johnny Juice. I will put a disclaimer here as I didn’t edit/produce the final footage and I wanted my voice cut out, leaving  just the answers..I aint Parkinson son!

I also had a cough and was trying not to spray flem, I felt like my throat had been wrapped in barbed wire…yeh…man flu.

That aside Johnny Juice has lot of amazing knowledge and we had a great time with him. To meet one of the people who was massively involved with one of my favorite rap groups was crazy, it was a  cool day. Bigup Mr Johnny Juice.

Another Hiphop soldier who brings it. For those who don’t know…please click below and meet the multi-talented Johhny Juice.

February 17, 2014

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Bom5 pt 4: For the Love of Graffiti

For the other parts of please click below.

Every time I met Bom he threw down somewhere, if he had no paper he did it on napkins and every time it was dope.

Bom had just come back from Germany when he did this and had also been working late. He was literally falling asleep standing up but he still made time to see us and take us to some cool spots. He threw this freestyle down on a napkin…>>>Bang! Fonky!!! These letters have flavour and history!

Chopstick holder.

Bom5 throws down in a cafe…

…and in more cafes.

Bom did this for my friend in Bilbao. My friend was so stoked…the letters the letters!

Bom even gave me some love on some graf I did. I wrote some slightly random ‘phrases,’ in a line (I won’t repeat what I wrote, I think some kids read this blog) and he liked my letters. Sometimes the people that influence you are the people that believe in you…innit.

This was in a MacDonalds early hours of the morning and Bom had brought his pens to work with and he also brought his own book that he had been working on.

The book was filled with amazing pieces and Bom specifically told me that he didn’t use any pencils to do the outlines, he drew straight into this book with pens…that ladies and gentlemen, is what we call skills. I was pretty awe struck.

He also told me that he had been offered a significant amount of money for one of these books and Bom said no to the collector. Bom loved his work and it meant something deeper to him…again Bom schooled me in one conversation.

I lost count of how many times I looked through this book, it was a like a history book of graf lettering. Bom has styles for days – the colour schemes, the lines, it cried out the energy of someone who was both a student and master of his craft…and it meant more to him than the fame game and I think that was the part I respected the most. Not everything is in the matrix you see and I am happy to have met an artist whose work and ethos I experienced in real time…it is called >>>>Street<<<< Art right?

If you want to know about Hiphop culture chill with Bom5. Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun are the Hiphop tenants and Bom was about all of them. The phrase ‘keeping it real’ has lost all its finesse and grit but I saw what that was about in New York with some of the people I met and Bom5 without a doubt, keeps it real. To this day Bom5 is still a student and a teacher of Hiphop, whatever the weather he LOVES it.

I know people love to throw cynicism when someone get props and these blogs are by no means me getting goo goo eyed over an artist but people put so much effort in dissing and slating but when props are due…give em! I could actually write more as Bom also Djs and is a dancer…but that will be for another blog.

Bom5, big big respect brother, you’re a soldier…I learnt a lot from you. Thankyou for the friendship and inspiration.

February 10, 2014

By moyma


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Bom5 pt 3: ‘It’s all practice…’

For parts 1 and 2 click below.

I got introduced to writing by a friend at school- Toast (RIP) I would practice writing with my class mate ‘Rush’…..and we were obsessed with it.

To go to NYC years later and spend time with people who built this culture was amazing. Chilling with Bom got me excited about writing (when I say writing I mean Graffiti) again in a fresh way.

He invited us to hang with him at a spot downtown for dinner…

It was a Chinese restaurant which Bom said was his spot. We got there, got seated and literally within 5 minutes Bom moved the cutlery, napkins, glasses and sauces that were on the table and pulled out his pens. The table had a paper tablecloth on it…and Bom just started throwing down! I was like…errrr WTF??! Bom didn’t even look up and just said to us…’yo they know me here…it’s my spot, and its all practice’

Bom invited us to throw down as well. I got stuck with my letters on more than one occasion…and Bom would just say…’yo..don’t think to much, just let it flow…’

After we had hit the table, the rest of the meal was spent talking and Bom told us some stories of how Bom5 ‘became’ Bom5. It was a pretty deep hearing about Bom’s life and some of his own struggles but whatever had happened to him had made him who he was today and created a passion for his art. This had a knock on effect as his art was influencing a lot of people worldwide. It was a cool evening which ended with Bom showing us some more of the city and also an impromptu on the street demo on how he approaches a dance battle.

From that day on in NYC, I carried a Sharpie in my back pocket and threw down at any opportunity I could. Like Bom said…’it’s all practice.’

Walls aren’t the only thing you can write on.

February 4, 2014

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Bom5 pt 2: Happy Bboy Birthday to me

This selection of blogs is about meeting one of the original members of ‘The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew,’ Bom5. If you haven’t read ‘Part 1,’ please click the pic below.

I met up with Bom again on my birthday. I arranged to meet him in the Bronx where he took me to his favourite pizza spot.

It was dope pizza. It had a crispy thin base and was easily the one of the nicest pizza spots I went to.

We then drove to his place in the Bronx. It was a museum for Hiphop artifacts and Bom is a private guy so it was a huge privilege for me to see his place and the pieces he showed me in his blackbooks were naAAAsty.

We left his place to go meet some other people and on the way Bom drove me (at speed) past loads of spots that he either hung out at or bombed at. He told me about how rough it was growing up in the Bronx, the guys who mentored him when he started Graffiti – BILLY167 (RIP) and REPEL and about the parties and jams that would happen in that area.

We landed at another food spot and then Bom threw down in my book.

When Bom throws down you can’t help but get caught up by his skills. Here is a clip of Bom putting some hand styles down in some kid’s book. The kid is completely mesmerized by what is going on and you have some guys giving commentary during the whole thing. The kid isn’t paying any attention to them until the end and when he finally looks up and looks like has just come out of a trance…his eyes were hypnotised by the flow…cos its all about the flow!

We had more stories of Bom as a kid and how he was mentored by Dj Tony Tone from the Cold Crush Brothers who would get him into jams at 182nd and 184th. Tony Tone would get Bom into these jams and Bom couldn’t help but throw down moves.

Bom told us about when he went to Fukuoka, Japan with very little money and no place to live but because someone saw him dance they wanted to learn his style of Breakdancing. He ended up teaching this guy and through him he met and taught Crazy A. From all of this the first Rocksteady chapter was established in Japan, of which Crazy A was the president.

His stories were inspiring and funny but what made it even funnier is that you had this hardcore BBoy, ex gang member from the Bronx talking about hustling in Japan, working in ABC studios in Shibuya and his love for spreading Hiphop culture worldwide and the bed of music selection that served as the music to accompany these stories were all cheesy love songs on the restaurant music playlist.

This was the actual song that was playing while Bom was telling us about the Japan connect.

It was a really dope night and I learnt how risks need to be taken in order for people and ideas to grow and due to Bom5 taking risks he became one of the people that had helped Hiphop grow internationally. I also learnt Bom5 can eat…that brotha can really eat!

It was a really cool Birthday for me.

While driving around the city that night I told Bom about some of the “issues” I was having with my travels and Bom said ‘whatever happens, even if you are on your own…make sure you see the city B…make sure you see the city.’ I made sure I did that.