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Bom5 : The Connecting Power of HipHop

A Journey in Black-books

I met Bom5 in the winter of 2013. It was my birthday and he blessed me with pizza, stories and skills.

Many writers threw down in that book but Bom and Erotica67 were the only people who spent any time trying to drop something nice.

Love from Brooklyn & The Bronx

My friend from NYC; a cool girl with a diamond heart and a foul mouth…

…wanted to bless me for my birthday with some pens and a black-book. Bom5 said he would help her pick the right stuff and drop something in the book too. To say I was stoked would be an understatement.

Snail Mail

Due to bad past experiences with the postal service, we were trying alternate options to get the book from the U.S. to the U.K.

I had been waiting for this book for months so I was excited and itching to see it.

Finally the book routed back to me in the UK. When I did get it, I was on my way to visit someone so I couldn’t open it until late that evening.

It was more than worth the wait.

Inside the snail mail envelope was a black book…a beautifully bound >>Cachet – Daler Rowney<<. Oh yeeeh!

That wasn’t all, oh no. My generous homie had hooked Moyma up with these pens too.

Just soak that up…

PenPorn Inc.

OH….MY…. GAWWWwwWD!!!…Yes yes y’all, that hit the spot.

A pack of Ironlaks! They looked so delicious I wanted to eat them…

Black-book Sessions

Black-books are an artist’s journal/diary. You put your ideas down, then go back through to see where you were at creatively at that time. It works great as a reference of old ideas, a place to create new ones or it can be a portfolio of your styles.

Bom5 has a library of black-books at his home full of dope burners, so I was excited to see what he had put down in this one. Bom walks the walk with this ish, he comes correct with the ink skills. This was the first piece he did in my new Book >>>”Kool Kid Moyma.” – Bom005 RSC<RSC>RTR<TBB>ZULU NATION<MW. Very nice! Funky letters!

The line of colour in the pages showed me there was more for me to see, a wall of colour was waiting for me.

DaAaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAM sonnnnnnnnnnNNNnnnn! This piece is dope. The letters and colours are bold, unashamed and skilfully designed. There is so much detail on all levels. Props BomV! You have set the bar high for this book.


I love the layers of colours and the tag styles. It’s gritty but elegant; Bom5 juxtaposes those ingredients well.

I couldn’t take it all in in one sitting. I have had to do sessions of just staring at it and soaking in all the flavours. I sometimes have it up on my speaker to get a different view. I love this ish!!

Bom understands the importance of black-books, which is why he takes so much pride in throwing down in them, even if they aren’t his own.

But he isn’t just a black book writer, he has taken the creations from his b-books to the subways and train yards.

Hiphop Heritage & Old Skool Loyalty

Bom has a lineage from the foundations of Hiphop, which is one of the reasons why his work is interesting but it’s not the only reason. He has also remained dedicated to his craft for a long time; you can’t fake passion. The struggle and scars that come from life can make you stronger and also make the creative voice in you work potent. In the spine of passion is a vertebrae made up of determination, endurance and focus. I felt that from Bom5.

Bom5 was around when gangs were rampant in the Bronx.

He knows first hand how gangs rolled. To get in, you had to go through an extreme initiation ceremony and so diehard loyalty was the result.

Although the initiation ceremonies changed when Hiphop was born, the loyalty to your crews didn’t. There will always be >>flakes<< but being solid for your people is where it was at. When times are tough, knowing people that ‘have you’ is what makes joining gangs/crews attractive.

This is why Bom always gives props to his people when you meet him and also in his art – “The Bronx Boys, Batch & Slick Inc.”

His UK bredrin…


Mentors and Black Belts

In martial arts having a black-belt oviously has it’s credits but who you got your black belt from is really the defining factor. Who you came up under says a lot.

If you have had good mentors; people who have taken you under there wing, looked out for you and let you in to what they have learnt. You will remember them and shout there name.

It’s a shame some people aren’t like that, everyone wants their own shine so they end up forgetting. No one who became great is completely self taught. No one.

Billy167 by Bom5.

“Billy 167 will go down in history as one of the greatest letter stylists in the history of Graffiti.” – MPC Crew

Cypher Circles

The Hiphop cypher connects people and brings out individual creativity.

Cyphers are usually associated with rapping and rocking but I don’t think it’s exclusive to those elements. It’s an exchange of energy. Exchanging ‘energy’ could also be saying something to encourage someone in their work, sharing knowledge while breaking bread, investing in an artist by hooking him up with pens and a black-book, or hitting them up some special art to inspire them. This in turn inspires that person to throw down themselves, in their own way back into the cypher…and the circle continues.

A big thankyou to Sabrina and Bom005 for hooking me up. You are a great friends, thankyou for your encouragement. Respect to my brother Bom005 >> an extremely rare artist. I look forward to see the progression of his styles. May the cypher continue.

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