March 30, 2015

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Bom5 : Zen Flow & The Value of Things

Learning by Osmosis

Learning by seeing is a primal way of understanding new things. I had the privilege to watch Bom5 throw down a few times in NYC and I learnt a lot. He doesn’t say to you…’here look, I am teaching you something now…pay attention,’ but make no mistake about it, you are being schooled. When any artist opens up to show you their process, it is an amazing thing which people take for granted.

The Art of Lines

Bom uses subtle devices to get your eye moving where he wants them to go, without you realising it.


It is very easy to mismatch colours and end up with something that looks off key. Bom is nice with the colour palette! He has that funky psychedelic ish!

Line Flow

I love this ‘A’ …yeh baby!! These are well pronounced lines. I see lines, shapes and colours as forms of vocabulary. It’s more than just one thing, it’s how it all works together…but back to the “A.” That “A” is funked out. It is talking to you through it’s shape and the latticed grid which echoes the letter form.


This is a massively overlooked one…

…and I am not breaking that one down…go do some study…but space is extremely effective and used in many other art forms like dance and music. Thelonious Monk…

…and Miles Davis can teach you about the use of space.

This is art, so there are no hard and fast rules but there are concepts and using space in visual art, music and dance is powerful…but it takes restraint. Less can be more.

Zen Flow

Bom005 puts a lot of pride into his ink work and as much as he likes precision, it seemed like he also wanted the spontaneity of the moment. You find this this line philosophy in Chinese and Zen calligraphy. Bom wants nice form but there is a “Zen” aspect where he isn’t trying to think too much and just “be.”

“Practice to uncover one’s original self through the brush.” – Yokoyama Tenkei

The whole experience of him putting down is to create something dope but also for him to learn something new.

The Value of Things

I have been told there are scientific studies that show that people value things less when they haven’t paid for them.

I agree with this to a point but with all scientific studies, there are variables. The variable in this case would be dependent on how much value the person receiving the gift places on the gift and value isn’t always measured in gold.

If You Could Only Take Two Things

I have a few pieces of art in my home. If there was a fire and I could only take two things while escaping the flames, it would be two pieces both by Bom Five. This piece (below) was draw in front of me in the early hours of the morning in a Macdonalds in Union Square, NYC and is now framed in my studio in the UK.

These pieces signify more to me than just some lines. The lines are dope but when you learn about the artist’s story; what he is about, how he came up and the struggles he walked through. The lines and his work take on a whole new meaning.

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