August 4, 2014

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The Black Book Sessions – Biters!!

I found this banana in the supermarket and because it was such a cool shape, I had to draw on it. Sadly, this perishable art attack isn’t in my black book but it was so much fun to do.

I wrote ‘Flavour, Bite it’ on the handy snack which is meant to be a play on words. ‘Flavour’ meaning the taste but it’s also a word used for style. ‘Bite it’ which means to copy someone and ‘bite it’ cos it’s a banana and you would normally do that to it wouldn’t ya?…get it? I thought not.

Don‘t Bite It!

‘Biting’ is a term used when you steal someone’s idea and pass them off as your own. It’s not a good thing to do but everyone copies when they first start learning something new. All of your favourite artists were influenced and inspired by other people. The Beatles started out as a cover band. Paul McCartney has said, “I emulated Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis. We all did.”

That is one example and if you look at any music style or art movement you will see one person being influenced by someone else’s work and so on.

Big Daddy Kane’s style…

was influenced by Grandmaster Caz.

KRS One’s style…

was influenced by Mellie Mel.

Rakim’s style…

was influenced by…

Kool Moe Dee.

I am not saying these are the only MC’s that influenced them but from what I have read and heard they were big influences. Here is a more recent example…

Jay Z was hugely influenced…

by Big Daddy Kane.

Acknowledge Your Influences!

We are all influenced by other people, but most people don’t want to acknowledge others. I have done my best to make sure I acknowledge the people who have influenced my style and ideas on this site. When you have been influenced by people, I believe you should give them credit. I think it is important that you show respect to the people who influence you as it encourages them and also helps others see how ideas develop. I do my best to acknowledge people I have met who have helped and inspired me in what I create…what about you?

Do YOUR thing

It comes back to being yourself because if you dare to do that you won’t end up copying anyone else. Even if you are influenced, you will bring your own >>>FLAVOUR<<<< to whatever you create and that, my fair weather friends, is the crux of this blog.

“Authenticity is invaluable. Originality doesn’t exist”

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