The Blackbook Sessions – Old MacDonald

Wassup people! Here are two pieces I did a while back and I wasn’t really sure about either of them when I drew them. I was frustrated with the 1st attempt (above) so I did it again but this time I just tried to let go and have fun with it. I am still split on what I think of it either of them…but the one below was more fun to create and looking at it now, I like its energy.

Blowing Bubbles

There is a kid who lives in the flat above me. I think she is about 5 years old.

She lives with her Mum, who has a face like a smacked bottom. I am not saying she’s ugly but she pulls a proper stink face whenever she sees me, it’s the effect I have on females I guess.

I Hate Kids Singing

From the minute that kid wakes up, I can here her running from one end of their flat to the other.

Recently I heard her singing a rendition of Old MacDonald Had a Farm.

Old MacDonald has a bloody farm does he?!! Hey?? A farm hey!!!?…Well how about I burn the bloody farm down! Lets see what song you have then hey, Miss Little-Sing-My-Little-Song-a-Long-Marathons at 6 A<<<bloody>>>M in the bloody MORNING!!!

‘Little Miss Sunhine’s’ singing was probably one of the worst sounds I have heard come out of a 5 year old’s mouth. It was out of tune, weird and had a strange pointless vibrato thing going on with it. Daffy Duck on meth has a better voice than that kid…

…but I will give her one thing…the kid has heart.

Kids Talk Too Much

I was working in my place last week and I heard a load of noise in the garden. Yep, it was the little peanut making too much noise again. She was with her even smaller buddy, blowing bubbles. The 5 year old with the terrible voice looked so happy blowing these bubbles, but they were average size, and I was not impressed.

After a few average bubbles, she blew a huge one…err no, not that big…

….ok, this is getting silly….

…yeh, that will do.

It was a huge bubble and she smiled at it. I don’t hang out with kids so I don’t have many points of reference but I haven’t ever seen a kid smile that hard in my life. She smiled with her whole body at that bubble…but to me it was just a bubble.

The Loss of Awe

Why did she get so excited by that bubble? I guess it’s because she is only 5. I had missed what was actually happening and after thinking about it, I realised I had been schooled by that 5 year old. To her, that bubble was something she had created and she thought that shit was dope!! She made that huge bubble…she literally breathed it into existence and it danced in the air in front of her and winked at her before it exploded into the sun.

The Primal Blueprint

I think creating is a primal thing to do and kids get it…when you ‘grow up’ you forget. This isn’t about age, it is about attitude, it’s always about attitude. In my years teaching I did a few visual art sessions with really young kids. They were usually the most free to experiment. The young adults had the most issues and wanted to get it ‘right.’ The little kids didn’t care about being right, they just went with their gut and tried stuff; which is a good way to get new ideas. These new ideas can often get tagged as being ‘fringe’ but the fringe is where the most interesting work is being created.

Once again, I will encourage you to pick up whatever your tool of choice is, get loose and have some fun. I will leave you will another moderately cheesy quote which holds some relevance.



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