The Blackbook Sessions – Never Give Up

I drew the first three letters of this piece and wasn’t feeling it at all. It looked wak to me with no life or flavour. A week later I looked back at the sketch and saw something different – I saw there was something to work with. I am glad I went back in on this one as I love this piece; it’s simple/complex and the bit I like most is…it’s raw.


I didn’t intend this sketchbook piece to be a reflection of my time in NYC, but the more I look at it….it is. The piece almost looks like a map or architectural and it symbolises a simple start to journey that over time became complicated, jagged but still amazing. I haven’t really written that much about what happened in New York but I have plenty of stories…like almost being homeless after being kicked out of our home in the Bronx, countless moments of serendipity, exploring the subterranean world called the subway at all hours of the night, Katz, Fireball W, stomping L.E.S, breaking bread with legends & new friends for life. I have purposely not said much about my trip as I don’t want to be that person who traveled somewhere and can’t shut the f*ck up about their trip, as it can seem like they are bragging or trying to rub your face in it…I dunno what “it” is but I aint trying to rub your face in…”IT.”

The Point?

What I will say is, my trip to NYC taught me a lot about myself and that being who I am whatever the cost, will always work out the best in the long run even if at the time you get bitten….cockroaches are everywhere you know! Ha.

So no more esotericalism-isms, I will just say this…whatever your journey, on paper or out in life…never give up…get a new perspective…but never give up.


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