TBS – A Good Workman Blames Their Tools

I love the letters in this piece. The ‘M’ is gully and has the correct amount of swagga. RUH!!

A Good Workman Blames Their Tools

I don’t care what ‘they’ say, the tools you use are important, but having good tools won’t make you dope.

These are the pens I have been using; I love these pens! They have a nice flow and feel great in your hand. Bom5 from NYC put me onto these and my friend, also from NYC sent me a shop load when I got back to the UK. This was dope and made Moyma a very, very happy boy.

The Main Ingredient

The other essential tool I always use for visual ish is…


This is the essential ingredient for me to create and escape.

Your Turn

I will keep it short this week >>>> so grab some pens,


…plug in your portable music device,

…and allow yourself to journey.


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