May 12, 2014

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The Blackbook Sessions – The Art of Misteaks

On a recent trip to NYC I met a guy who got me back into Graffiti. You can meet him >>>>here<<<< His name is Bom5, my bredrin in Hiphop. He not only got me excited about Graf but also the process of drawing and creating on paper. The dope thing about Bom was that when he threw down, it was straight to paper with no pencil outline first. Noice.

Ok, so my point was I will be posting some ish that I having been doing in my blackbook (that I bought from Poundland) and I will be writing something to go with it. I can’t promise it will be profound or helpful but lets see whass wha…innit bludclaaart.

This piece was done with an adaptation of an alphabet that I have given to some of the young people that I have taught in the past. It’s not my alphabet but they are simple letters to follow, so I figured I would try something with it.

I didn’t really plan any of it the piece…I just let it happen. I actually made a massive mistake on the background but I just rolled with it and out this came.

I did pencil the basic letters but I just threw the rest down with ink and I didn’t use any straight line guidance apparatus (a ruler) for any of it. No sh*t, I was quite surprised how straight a line I can draw. Yeh I know…great huh? That’s about as interesting as I get.

I apologise for using quotes, as the net and blogs in particular are cluttered with this dross but some of these can be helpful.

Yes it is another cheesball quote but it is so true. Some of my best stuff has come about by just turning up and experimenting enough for something new to happen. Don’t get me wrong you need to have the eye to see what to keep and you also need skills to make it ‘look good’ but you have to let go and just see what happens. So get some paper and pens out and give it a try…

Podcast Update

I know I have promised you podcasts and they are coming. I am just waiting on some stuff/people, I ain’t forgotten you.


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