The Blackbook Sessions – Hand Control

I usually use a black outline for letters but on this one I decided to try using another colour. I still have mixed feeling about this piece but I love the interaction between the inside joining lines of the letters…

…as those lines came out clean baby! UH!

Hand Control

Good hand control gives you great lines in your piece and is a big part developing good flow. My hand control is not bad, it is something I am still working on. Every piece I am putting up on here has presented its own challenges, as drawing certain lines has felt like lining up a shot in pool game, and you only get better by practicing.

Hand control is also very important in Scratching too. D-Styles is one of my favourites when it comes to his flow and hand control.

In the time I spent training with D-Styles, he used to emphasis the importance of having good control with your record hand. He regularly reminded me that when you scratch, the voice and tone comes from the record hand. D-Styles has serious hand control skills; it is so good, he can make sounds sing. Click the image below to find out more about him and hear him cut.

Bom5 was another guy to talked a lot about hand control and it is something you have to practice and practice. Nice lines with good hand control always feel like a huge achievement for me.

Drawing Pudsey

I have done a lot of workshops with young people; teaching them basic Graffiti and Illustration. At one session where I was designing T-Shirts with a group of youngs, the lady who booked me asked me to do a design for her. I obviously couldn’t deny my client so I said ‘yeh! of course!’ She told me that they had a charity event coming up and wanted me to do a picture of Pudsey the Bear on a T-Shirt.

She showed me the charities mascot and inside I thought to myself…’oh boy.’

It looks crazy simple and it would be a >>piece – of – piss<< on paper if you are sketching it first…but this was straight to a T-Shirt using fabric markers. When I do Graf letters I can just freestyle stuff and if I make a mistake I can improvise around it. With this, there was no room for error, you can’t sketch it at all, you have to go in and draw the lines in one go, it has to look like a symmetrical bear, the ink bleeds on fabric and you have to position it correctly on the T-Shirt. The technical term for all this is…A NIGHTMARE!!!

So I threw down. I felt like the outcome of this T-Shirt was going to potentially invalidate/validate to her and the group what I could do. I don’t think I have concentrated so hard in any session like that but I pulled it off. I was shocked I did it and the lady was stoked with her Pudsey T-Shirt.

I have no pictures of my the finished outcome as I have never taken any pics of any of my work in these scenarios.

Be Around Good People

I realise drawing a Pudsey on a T-Shirt is not the biggest achievement but when I went to NYC I had forgotten all the Graf stuff I had done and that I was actually better than I thought I was. It was the time I spent with certain people in NYC that helped me appreciate my own skills and their encouragement to me got me excited about Graf again.

I don’t claim to be a prolific Graffiti Artist as my spray can portfolio is laughable in its quantity but I learnt something from my trip to NYC. Firstly, I am way better at this Graf ish than I give myself credit. The other thing…>>>being around people who are positive and encouraging will help you grow. You don’t need to go to NYC to experience that but wherever you are and whatever you are doing with your life, you should seek these people out.

Being around draining negative people will not help you and I advise you to keep clear of their draining touch.

These types of people will do their best to stop you realising your true potential.

On a side note…if their are any girls who look like Rogue and would like to lay hands on me…I will make an exception.


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