The Blackbook Sessions – Bleed with Me

Sooo some more graf biznizz.

I have been hitting my black-book this year and it has helped me see how much I have missed doing stuff on paper, I forgot how much fun it is. I will keep giving props to my boy in NYC – Bom5 who took me straight back to my youth and reminded me how much fun you can have with some paper and a few colours. Please click to find out more about him.

My Materials Suck

All the stuff I will be posting has no fill-ins as the book I bought has cheap paper in it…

…and so the pens I use bleed when you draw lines next to each other…but I love that. Not all my materials suck though…my pens are sexy!!! I will post about them at some point.

This restriction actually helps your creativity as having less options means you focus on being innnovative with what you have at your disposal.

In my piece, I filled in the cloud by writing my name a million times. The tags make a texture and it was a cool way to practice my letter styles. I’m not trying to fill every space with colour as the white space is part of the design.

The Art is in the Struggle

There is always some level of struggle in any art that is created. Even though it’s a struggle it is still fun to create and during the process it can be the furthest thing from fun but when you push hard, the pay off in satisfaction is huge. You can see that in the story of Hiphop; a culture born out of struggle. Please click to read that story.

So I will keep this post simple and highlight two thing that may or may not be helpful to you. Don’t focus on what you don’t have…use what you have and if you are pushing hard it will be a struggle but your end result will be worth the effort.

‘The hospital room spotless and sterile, but birth itself will always take place amid chaos, pain and blood’.’ – Steven Pressfield

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