March 24, 2014

By moyma



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For those who read this blog…

If you have just started reading this blog, welcome!

I have been penning this blog for about 6 years. It started on Myspace and I don’t have a clue why I started it, maybe Tom made me do it.

I would rather be sleeping

I don’t claim to be a journalist, a professional writer or even good with words. I would regularly sleep in English lessons at school – I used to get the girl who sat next to me to sit in a position so that the teacher couldn’t see my face, I would then open my book so it looked like I was busy and then….ahhhHHHH time faa some ZZZzzzzzzzzz.

When I did make the effort to lift a pen and write something I would always, always get ‘SEE ME’ written at the bottom of my prose. The ‘SEE ME’ meant ‘I am not impressed with this lack of effort.’ Saaaa I would go see wassup and the teacher would nag me about all the issues she had with my work and I would look at her in a detached way, preoccupied with leaving the English room and casuing trouble somewhere on the school premises.

I hate blogging

I have been on the verge of sacking the whole blog thing off a few times as I don’t have a clue who reads this and I would rather do something else with my time but a few things happened recently that changed that. Someone who deals with the logistics of this site told me someone is reading my blog. So firstly thankyou if you have the endurance to read a whole blog from me, it really does mean a lot as the rivers of distracting ‘content’ flow readily towards everyone who is on the web….the web is the right word huh. Also, time is short so again thankyou.

A little encouragement can go a  long way

I met someone recently who initially knew nothing about the work I do and they eventually found out and found my site…and they went through it with a fine tooth comb – all my artwork, mixes, blogs, the lot. They loved my work and they told me when they need inspiration they read my blog. This is totally strange behaviour for me as my artistic journey as been heavily peppered with jealously, competition, discouraging people who want to hold me back and want me to fail. The worst part of it is…the people who have projected this at me have been friends, people I have been either on the road with, was kicking it with or could potentially collaborate with because of our common artistic interests. Crazy huh?? Apparently being focused and pursuing your passion is not a good look so it was nice to hear and meet someone who was not on that tip. So to you…and you know exactly who you are…THANKYOU! I have put a lot of effort in everything that is on this site and it is here for peeps to enjoy. So if you have enjoyed…peace!

As we are doing shouts I should show some love to the other people who have helped me…

For the people who I have met along the way who have been nothing but negative, unnecessarily competitive, discouraging, shietsy and still want me to fail. To you guys and girls I say a bigger thankyou. You have made me work even harder and focus more than I ever could without you. I am in deep gratitude to you for your ego filled self centered bullshit….FUCK YOU very much.

I have a small one

The thing is…I have a really small one…err I mean it’s not very big, baaa it’s not huge…

…I dont have a big…di…di…di DIGITAL following and I am cool with that.

I really dont care if my ‘following’ grows. From a ‘business’ point of view you should care but I am having so much fun right now doing what I love, having people ‘like’ my shit is really no biggie. Relax this is no holier than thou rhetoric as I have been guilty of wasting nuff time wondering why I wasn’t getting more likes but actually I don’t care now. My goal is to produce amazing work if I achieve that in my lifetime…trust me, I will die a very happy man.

Why I write this blog

I realised one of the reasons I write this blog…to get rid of people. Sounds counter productive no? I want the people who are really bothered to check my stuff…and most people don’t like reading…

…soooo writing is a great way of getting rid of them. So I urge you…please, please don’t share my stuff or tell anyone about me. I am more than happy with obscurity. I have realised I am in love with what I do and first and foremost I do it for me. I am my own biggest critic and as long as I enjoy what I am doing I will keep doing it…when the fun goes…I’m out. So…come closer…please do me a favour…

TELL NO ONE! It’s our little secret.

The Moyma Blog

So what is my blog about?…ermmm….whatever I feel inspired by. It is mostly based around arts and culture which is great way of not really giving you a clear idea what this blog is about. Ok let me try again…errr Arts, Music, Travel and Food. I have a thing for taking pictures of food on a plate…

or food hanging out of my mouth.

I have also made a point of profiling other artists on this site with interviews and articles and I will continue to do this. So please do check in and have a lil mooch around the blog section.

I have new a mix done and ready to put out so that will be coming in the next few weeks and I will be blogging bout stuff.

It is has been a crazy year for me so far with some cool projects on the cook but it is also killing me and time is something I have very little of. I plan on collapsing in a heap when this year is dun…and yeh I am spelling ‘done’ dun. Aiight! Dun.



  • Doc Sauce said on March 24, 2014

    Thanks for the laughs bro Moy. Keep doing this please <3

  • moyma said on March 24, 2014

    Peace Doc and thankyou. Tune in again for more sense & nonsense.

  • Sabrina said on March 24, 2014

    Keep doing this, homes. Don’t stop. You’re inspiring and you’ve got some wit to boot 😉

  • moyma said on March 24, 2014

    Thanks I will try and keep the laughs rolling. pz

  • natasha said on March 25, 2014

    Who is that blowing kisses? That face and hand looks very familiar?… anyhoo, like your blog.. very funny. Keep up with it and your work.. excellent! Oh and sis says hi! 😉

  • moyma said on March 25, 2014

    Thankyou for tuning in…peace!!

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