February 24, 2014

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Johnny Juice – The most well known Dj, nobody knows

The first time I met Johnny Juice he told me he was the most well known DJ nobody knew…

The Information Age?

While I was in NYC there was an DJ event in Brooklyn and while standing in the queue I got chatting to some guys who were telling me about Hiphop ‘back in the day.’ They also told me the Djs they were looking forward to hear at the gig…

Jazzy Jay,

Cash Money,

and Grand Wizard Theodore.

I told them I was looking forward to Johnny Juice…

They were like who???

I said…Johnny Juice…

Them: Johnny who?

Me: Errr Johnny Juice. He is the man…

Me: …he is also a nice guy.

Me: ..and he is dope on the turns.

Them: Johnny Jews>?

Me: No…Johnny JUICE!! Have you heard of Public Enemy?

I went on to explain to them who he was and what he had done in Public Enemy. They were shocked to hear that Terminator X didn’t do any of the scratches on Public Enemy albums. After hearing this they told me they needed a minute to absorb what I had said.

Johnny Juice smashed it when he played at that event and I was glad to hear the host introduce him with all his commonly unknown accolades.

Strong Island

Johnny was kind enough to let us come chill with him at his place and he really looked after us.

He played us some music he was working on,

we had a cutting session,

he told stories from back in the day,

he cooked some good food for us,

and he also gave us an interview.

So grab a tea or whatever beverage you enjoy and get the science from Johnny Juice. I will put a disclaimer here as I didn’t edit/produce the final footage and I wanted my voice cut out, leaving  just the answers..I aint Parkinson son!

I also had a cough and was trying not to spray flem, I felt like my throat had been wrapped in barbed wire…yeh…man flu.

That aside Johnny Juice has lot of amazing knowledge and we had a great time with him. To meet one of the people who was massively involved with one of my favorite rap groups was crazy, it was a  cool day. Bigup Mr Johnny Juice.

Another Hiphop soldier who brings it. For those who don’t know…please click below and meet the multi-talented Johhny Juice.

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