Bom5 pt 4: For the Love of Graffiti

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Every time I met Bom he threw down somewhere, if he had no paper he did it on napkins and every time it was dope.

Bom had just come back from Germany when he did this and had also been working late. He was literally falling asleep standing up but he still made time to see us and take us to some cool spots. He threw this freestyle down on a napkin…>>>Bang! Fonky!!! These letters have flavour and history!

Chopstick holder.

Bom5 throws down in a cafe…

…and in more cafes.

Bom did this for my friend in Bilbao. My friend was so stoked…the letters the letters!

Bom even gave me some love on some graf I did. I wrote some slightly random ‘phrases,’ in a line (I won’t repeat what I wrote, I think some kids read this blog) and he liked my letters. Sometimes the people that influence you are the people that believe in you…innit.

This was in a MacDonalds early hours of the morning and Bom had brought his pens to work with and he also brought his own book that he had been working on.

The book was filled with amazing pieces and Bom specifically told me that he didn’t use any pencils to do the outlines, he drew straight into this book with pens…that ladies and gentlemen, is what we call skills. I was pretty awe struck.

He also told me that he had been offered a significant amount of money for one of these books and Bom said no to the collector. Bom loved his work and it meant something deeper to him…again Bom schooled me in one conversation.

I lost count of how many times I looked through this book, it was a like a history book of graf lettering. Bom has styles for days – the colour schemes, the lines, it cried out the energy of someone who was both a student and master of his craft…and it meant more to him than the fame game and I think that was the part I respected the most. Not everything is in the matrix you see and I am happy to have met an artist whose work and ethos I experienced in real time…it is called >>>>Street<<<< Art right?

If you want to know about Hiphop culture chill with Bom5. Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun are the Hiphop tenants and Bom was about all of them. The phrase ‘keeping it real’ has lost all its finesse and grit but I saw what that was about in New York with some of the people I met and Bom5 without a doubt, keeps it real. To this day Bom5 is still a student and a teacher of Hiphop, whatever the weather he LOVES it.

I know people love to throw cynicism when someone get props and these blogs are by no means me getting goo goo eyed over an artist but people put so much effort in dissing and slating but when props are due…give em! I could actually write more as Bom also Djs and is a dancer…but that will be for another blog.

Bom5, big big respect brother, you’re a soldier…I learnt a lot from you. Thankyou for the friendship and inspiration.

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