February 10, 2014

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Bom5 pt 3: ‘It’s all practice…’

For parts 1 and 2 click below.

I got introduced to writing by a friend at school- Toast (RIP) I would practice writing with my class mate ‘Rush’…..and we were obsessed with it.

To go to NYC years later and spend time with people who built this culture was amazing. Chilling with Bom got me excited about writing (when I say writing I mean Graffiti) again in a fresh way.

He invited us to hang with him at a spot downtown for dinner…

It was a Chinese restaurant which Bom said was his spot. We got there, got seated and literally within 5 minutes Bom moved the cutlery, napkins, glasses and sauces that were on the table and pulled out his pens. The table had a paper tablecloth on it…and Bom just started throwing down! I was like…errrr WTF??! Bom didn’t even look up and just said to us…’yo they know me here…it’s my spot, and its all practice’

Bom invited us to throw down as well. I got stuck with my letters on more than one occasion…and Bom would just say…’yo..don’t think to much, just let it flow…’

After we had hit the table, the rest of the meal was spent talking and Bom told us some stories of how Bom5 ‘became’ Bom5. It was a pretty deep hearing about Bom’s life and some of his own struggles but whatever had happened to him had made him who he was today and created a passion for his art. This had a knock on effect as his art was influencing a lot of people worldwide. It was a cool evening which ended with Bom showing us some more of the city and also an impromptu on the street demo on how he approaches a dance battle.

From that day on in NYC, I carried a Sharpie in my back pocket and threw down at any opportunity I could. Like Bom said…’it’s all practice.’

Walls aren’t the only thing you can write on.

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