Bom5 pt 2: Happy Bboy Birthday to me

This selection of blogs is about meeting one of the original members of ‘The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew,’ Bom5. If you haven’t read ‘Part 1,’ please click the pic below.

I met up with Bom again on my birthday. I arranged to meet him in the Bronx where he took me to his favourite pizza spot.

It was dope pizza. It had a crispy thin base and was easily the one of the nicest pizza spots I went to.

We then drove to his place in the Bronx. It was a museum for Hiphop artifacts and Bom is a private guy so it was a huge privilege for me to see his place and the pieces he showed me in his blackbooks were naAAAsty.

We left his place to go meet some other people and on the way Bom drove me (at speed) past loads of spots that he either hung out at or bombed at. He told me about how rough it was growing up in the Bronx, the guys who mentored him when he started Graffiti – BILLY167 (RIP) and REPEL and about the parties and jams that would happen in that area.

We landed at another food spot and then Bom threw down in my book.

When Bom throws down you can’t help but get caught up by his skills. Here is a clip of Bom putting some hand styles down in some kid’s book. The kid is completely mesmerized by what is going on and you have some guys giving commentary during the whole thing. The kid isn’t paying any attention to them until the end and when he finally looks up and looks like has just come out of a trance…his eyes were hypnotised by the flow…cos its all about the flow!

We had more stories of Bom as a kid and how he was mentored by Dj Tony Tone from the Cold Crush Brothers who would get him into jams at 182nd and 184th. Tony Tone would get Bom into these jams and Bom couldn’t help but throw down moves.

Bom told us about when he went to Fukuoka, Japan with very little money and no place to live but because someone saw him dance they wanted to learn his style of Breakdancing. He ended up teaching this guy and through him he met and taught Crazy A. From all of this the first Rocksteady chapter was established in Japan, of which Crazy A was the president.

His stories were inspiring and funny but what made it even funnier is that you had this hardcore BBoy, ex gang member from the Bronx talking about hustling in Japan, working in ABC studios in Shibuya and his love for spreading Hiphop culture worldwide and the bed of music selection that served as the music to accompany these stories were all cheesy love songs on the restaurant music playlist.

This was the actual song that was playing while Bom was telling us about the Japan connect.

It was a really dope night and I learnt how risks need to be taken in order for people and ideas to grow and due to Bom5 taking risks he became one of the people that had helped Hiphop grow internationally. I also learnt Bom5 can eat…that brotha can really eat!

It was a really cool Birthday for me.

While driving around the city that night I told Bom about some of the “issues” I was having with my travels and Bom said ‘whatever happens, even if you are on your own…make sure you see the city B…make sure you see the city.’ I made sure I did that.

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