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Bom5 pt 1: Meeting 40,000 feet in the sky

There are too many stories from New York for me to blog them all. I wish I could but I would have to write a book to cover it and I just don’t have the time. I met some amazing people and learnt a ton about HipHop culture, New York City and a lot about myself. I will do my best to write what I can but for now I want to tell you about a guy I met whose skills and passion for Hiphop will stay with me for a very long time.

Flying to NYC

We had got our plane without any troubles and now we were heading towards the home of Hiphop. During the flight my friend pulled out a black book and some markers, threw a piece down and then asked me to do a piece in his book as well. He then proceeded to pull out a big book of international graffiti, it was filled with photographs of graffiti from all over the world and we flicked through pointing at pieces that we were feeling. There were three pieces that stuck out and were all by the same artist. I didn’t know who this guy was I just really liked his style, his letters were funky.


After a few days of getting acclimatized to New York we had planned to visit the Lower East-Side to paint at a graffiti shop which had a mock MTA subway car in the back. My friend was amped, as he was going to be painting on a piece they were doing for the Bronx Boys Rocking Crew Anniversary in memory of Trace 2 (Rest In Peace) who was an original member of that crew.

Trace2 by Bom5

Who are the The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew?

‘TBB / TBG ( The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew) is a crew established in 1975 and disbanded in 1979 before the HIP HOP era would even reach its prime., TBB/TBG was one of the original Bboy or “Rocking” crews as the dance was referred to back in those days in the Bronx. Founded by Cash with Batch and Shark as a “Writing” (Graffiti) crew at first and then Batch decided to make TBB/TBG become a Rocking crew who would still be involved with writing and the HIP HOP culture way before Cowboy of the Furious Five and the world to follow by the late 70s would utter the words HIP HOP. TBB/TBG as one of the original Bboy crews of the humble era is a key crew in the historical context of Rocking and HIP HOP as a whole because a lot of early key figures such as the following names below who are and/or were at one point down with TBB/TBG , these are members who are notable among many others as the crew today is international and bigger than ever..’

We got to the spot and chilled in the sun (it was October so you gotta love that look) with one of the writers who was going to be painting there that day, Chief69. Chief was a clued up guy and he told us about some spots in New York to check and also music to to check from artists based in New York. Chief69 who is the TTB Mecca Chapter Prez, wasted no time and while we waited he threw down in my friend’s black-book.

Once the owner turned up we saw the inside of the shop which was designed as the inside of a subway train. The writers got their paint and we went to the train at the back of the shop.

The writers threw down and I was getting my head accustomed to the fact we were in NYC on a Hiphop pilgrimage.

People from all over the world were visiting for the TBB anniversary and dropping in at this spot. There were also guys who were there from the beginning of Hiphop and were waxing lyrical about what happened ‘back in the day.’

Then some dude walks in and was introduced to us as we were visiting from the UK. He was an original TBB (The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew) member. He checked us out to see what we were about…and when I was introduced to him as the “DJ” he nodded and said ‘ok’ but the look he had in eyes was…’yeh really? another dj huh?!’ First meetings are very interesting as everything about that person is fresh and starkly lit but for me it is all veiled with the anticipation of what a person will end up being like over time. I wasn’t sure about this guy but he was funny. He snapped jokes at a few BGirls and BBoys who were there, it was all playful and over a very short period of time he warmed to us. He starting opening up about his experience of Hiphop and growing up in New York City as a kid. He mentioned he was hype as a kid and used to sneak out of his house to explore the city….he was hype as a man so he must have been crazy hype as a kid!

His stories were funny and detailed, you stepped right into his world as he delivered them and his energy was infectious and conveyed so much about where his passions lay. He told us stories about living all over the world and teaching Hiphop culture in Russia, UK, Korea, Japan, France, Germany. Then in-between a story he threw down in my friend’s black book….

It was at this point my friend came over to me in excitement and told me that artwork work that we had been admiring on the flight to NYC was by the the guy who was writing in his book. This was my 2nd meeting with Bom5, the first was on the plane and his style was as funky in person.

Someone asked Bom his age during him talking about his worldwide experiences as clearly he had done a lot. He didn’t even pause but knowing it was a socially loaded question he said ‘Bboy’s have no age…’ Haha. I loved that answer. My first first impression of Bom was that he was a very smart guy who loved Hiphop for deep reasons and was still passionate about sharing knowledge.

He was also a guy who loved his people. He talked highly of his crew members, and the countries like Japan who had shown him much love. The guy he was with that day was called Dash. Dash said that Bom5 was a ‘style king’ and I later found out how true that was. Dash had thrown down in my friends book as well and Bom saw that Dash hadn’t coloured all of the letters in of his own piece. So while Bom talked with us…Bom finished his boy’s piece and gave his boy props to all of us. He gave a shit about his people and making sure they were repped properly and acknowledged.

We were all hyped after meeting Bom for the first time.

Trace piece by Flake, Chief69 and Statch.

I have more blogs about Bom5 as there is a lot more to share…so please keep posted.

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