January 9, 2014

By moyma


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2014 and I can make no promises

Another ‘New Year’ lands and I made zero resolutions, instead I made plans, but as Mike Tyson wisely said, ‘everyone has a plan…’til they get punched in the mouth.’

After a ridiculous time in the Rotten Apple…

…I am back in solitary confinement.

But it’s all good…my 4 week trip in NYC turned into months of Hiphop goodness. I fell back in love with that biiiatch.

I’m gona drop some blogs about my trip…as some of what I saw might inspire you guys too.

I also have plenty of stuff to give you as I know the virtual world shows no love to a man without gifts, so expect some podcasts but bear with me as I role Han Solo.

Its 2014, its another year and it’s in your control so…

…be good to your homies…

…make up with someone…

…ring a long lost friend…

…find ya future…

…bake a cake…

…and buckle up people…

…its gona be a ride.

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